Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Interview Questions

Professional Readings
Title of Reading
Key Ideas
as above
Asking a different set of interview questions.

Actions/Ideas you could trial:

Ensure when I am involved in interviewing we look deeper at questions. I have been reading about asking better questions...

Dr. Todd Whitaker says, “The best thing a principal can do to build parent relations is to ensure every student has a phenomenal teacher.” To do this, we can start by hiring the right people. Even before this, we must prepare purposeful interview questions that help draw out an applicants’ philosophy, knowledge, and so much more.

What impact has this had on your teaching practice:
Not a lot


  1. Do you think this format works for every reading?

  2. No, I think I tread so much I really could not do this ..would make no difference. What makes a difference is sharing readings with others and having a quick chat about it like we do!!


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