Saturday, 18 April 2015

Are we making an effort to disagree with our colleagues?

I think this is a brilliant clip.  IT's about constructive conflict. Openness alone cannot bring about change , we need conflict.  Conflict thinking , we need to get good at it and so do our students. If we are afraid of this things that should be questioned will just go on as always and beneficial change won't happen

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  1. We wouldn't at this time be viewing, listening to accounts of Gallipoli and the mess that ensued if even some of those soldiers had had the courage to engage in conflict thinking with their superiors? Can you imagine it??That was then, this is here / now.
    So much comes in to play for our students:
    Blind (mis)leading the blind
    Fear of rejection
    Lack of popularity if they 'speak out'
    Some adults may see this as 'playing the devils advocate' with children - something chln find very confusing - the adult speaks/ questions = I must be wrong
    There is perhaps a fine line between assertiveness and precociousness in pre-teen years but with growing maturity, confidence and conviction underpinned by sound factual data / knowledge and empathic modelling by adults could certainly successfully lead to our students open-mindedly facilitating higher order thinking and learning in this manner.????????????


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