Friday, 27 November 2015

When we fail a child

Automation is eating jobs

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why NZ Shouldn't Copy Asia on High Stakes Testing

Dr. Zhao has been presenting his latest research "lessons that matter: What should we learn from Asia's school systems,"  at the Global Education Leadership Partnership (GELP) event which is being hosted by New Zealand for the first time ever.'t-copy-asia-on-high-stakes-testing

Developing a collaborative learning environment in partnership with students


I have read this article with interest as I reflect on the change at our school. I believe it is time to lift the expectation. Our Curriculum has been in our school for the last three years. There are some areas where we need to lift our practice. there are some I do. Who holds me accountable. I hold myself accountable but why is no one else? There are bigger areas to be addressed though. Perhaps.

 "This concern cannot be completely solved but there needs to be a balance between supporting the school’s priorities and individual teacher priorities. If leaders are faced with teachers that do not wish to support the school’s direction and goals, then direct feedback needs to be given; the difficult conversation cannot be avoided."