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Education as it should be – passion-based. SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0


Meeting with The BOT

I will need to be very relaxed and focused when I write this ...

It's hard to explain something to someone who has very little schematic around the topic.

The so called. Learning to Learn Team ( I think we should just be called the curriculum Development Team now), the L to L team has given people a negative feeling towards us. Well maybe not even negative. 

The BOT to me appear to think the L to L is a thing, an approach, a different from everyone else way of teaching.

How will we get them to see, the Learning to Learn Team is only trying to bring about the meaning of our school written curriculum. If we do the same as we always have, what we did for the past curriculum, why oh why did we write another. It calls for different approaches to bring about different skill sets and dispositions in our learners.

And surprise surprise it also calls for teachers to continuously learn , to seek new knowledge , to seek clarification around ideas, if we taught as we have always taught we will not get the different skill sets,mattitudes and dispositions in our learners.

One thing snowballs into another. If we want teachers to learn differently then the organisation and ways schools function might also change . Meetings , school structure, release....traditions ... 

We must ask the why.

I think it continues into different relationships and communication with community...

Really it's easy, but not for some.

Neat tidy uniformed change is artificial. Learning is chaotic and messy and perhaps so is change, worthwhile change.

lastly students as life long actively involved confident learners and the same for teachers.
Why can some not see how we want our students to learn and to develop skills to learn is what we must also develop.

Community Consulatation is a must next step.

Secondary - changing ways

o longer are teachers solely responsible for a specific curriculum — the focus has shifted to skill sets like problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration — transferable skills useful no matter where a student ends up.

Future-focused learning report ~ Ministry and impliactions for schools from VLN

Great Image and lots of thinking

The Future of Education

Friday, 18 July 2014

Transformative SChools

This fits with the 6 themes for the future oriented teaching and learning, well worth a read.

From TeachThought


Talking about students mindsets and the impact of this and also teachers mindsets and the impact of this on student mindsets  makes this article even more relevant. We need growth mindset teachers working with growth mindset children. No more teachers saying 'they're just lazy',  or 'not another one (from that family)'

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MeL Clare Amos

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Courageous conversations

Engaging in courageous conversations

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Unproductive Meetings

Rigor, Mindshift

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New discussion post - Re: MLE's and the evidence New discussion post - Re: MLE's and the evidence Grace added a new discussion post to Modern Learning Environments: Re: MLE's and the evidence I agree with all you have said but would to raise a point I feel is important.  It involves change management for teachers, many of whom are 'old school' having been trained and experienced in the single cell classroom system for years.  We have two open learning classrooms, each with two teachers.  One is single level (Yr 1) and one is bilevel (Yr 5/6), and both are very successful in their own way. One currently