Friday, 11 April 2014

Grit or choose your goals wisely and persevere

read this article , slightly contradicts Angela  Duckworths  'Grit' , tals about grit can be used for good and bad and that we can persevere on the wrong tasks. Point that we need to be able to choose the right goals and persevere. Prrsonally I think we need to blend these two ideas. Also what is needed to enable children to choose the right goals......

'The benefits of knowing when not to persist extend not only to the outcomes of a decision but to the effects on the individual who made it. '

'To know when to pull the plug requires the capacity to adopt a long-term perspective.  Continuing to do what you've been doing often represents the path of least resistance, so it can take guts to cut your losses.  That’s as important a message to teach one’s children as the usefulness of perseverance.'

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