Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today we'll yesterday it was brought to my attention I give out more Learning Attitude and Cross Competency awards than others. Actually I think well done. 

Two each per , isn 't that thinking a bit like a fixed mindset person, or that decision. 

It was explained we all do 2 to ensure it doesn't take too long at assemblies. yet when there are 50 music awards or something we give them all put. Should we just choose 2 for this, now I know that is totally different but.... 

My point is are we just giving two awards because that is what we do because TITWWADTAH ( That is the way always we do things around here) or should we be really giving awards to those that show outstanding use of the Learning Attitudes and Cross Competency Skills. Should we be only writing them for outstanding or for when students use their personal best.

Is there any challenge or real value in what we do? Are we making a difference .... Would it make more of a difference if there was not a two , but when chn make a new best an award is given? 

Are we just complying .......

Should we be asking why we do this , what is the purpose. Are we meeting the intended outcome.

Perhaps something little but again fixed mindset syndrome maybe...

Assemblies and the why is another topic altogether.

Your thoughts ...

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