Sunday, 24 July 2016

want-to-build-a-great-school-follow-these-10-commandments/ Tony Gurr

So…just to prove that all those quotes you can pull up (if you google ‘procrastination’) are hogwashhere you go:
If you want to build a GREAT school…
Thou Shalt ‘begin with the end in mind’ and ensure that your school is built on a focussed and clearly stated purpose – and make sure that all members of the school community understand, share and are committed to this purpose and the goals of the school…
Purpose CoP TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt believe in the transformative power of LEARNing, place LEARNing at the heart of your decision-making andwalk-your-talk…
Change and Thinking TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt recruit the best TEACHers you can, retain them (at all costs) and renew their talents, skills and knowledge at every opportunity you find…
Good School (quote) TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt plan, implement and renew acurriculum / assessment framework that emphasises LEARNing the ‘right’ things in the ‘right’ way…
Delivering LEARNing TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt provide caring and effective leadership, create the conditions for wider shared-, teacher-, and student-leadership – and evaluate the quality of this leadership in terms of the level of trust you build and the amount of LEARNing co-created across the school…
Leadership TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt create an environment and climate that is organised, secure and safe – yet provides for risk-taking, creativity and imagineering at the student, classroom, departmental and school level…
Success TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt create a culture that is driven by professionalism, collaboration, and stakeholder involvement – and is fuelled by an ethos of feedback, improvement and results… Leader Shadow TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt build and maintain a classroom-focussed LEARNing culture grounded on high expectations for both students and TEACHers, dialogic TEACHing practices and an approach to the adoption of EdTech driven by ‘fitness-for-purpose’ and ‘LEARNing first, TECHnology second’… 
Learning WoG TG ver 100716
Thou Shalt adopt a research and evidence-based approach tochange and planning – and balance the use of external best practices and internal research findings, as well as ‘big’ and ‘small data’…
EBP TG ver 100716 
Thou Shalt use a range of policies, processes, and practicesdesigned to evaluate and enhance the quality of decision-making, curriculum and assessment systems, classroom teaching, professional learning communities, allocation of resources, and stakeholder involvement across the school…
Quality TG ver 100716
That’s 10, right?

As I was boiling all the Commandments down, I did ask myself whether I need to ‘spell them out’ more. I hope they are clear…as I hinted, they are all backed by solid research and evidence-based practice (EBP) – but I have seen them ‘work’ and know they ‘matter’!

Can I rank them – in terms of importance or priority? Not really – but I’d be interested to see how you might…or (even more) see if you would add any others…

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